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Professional photography for products and services in the UAE

Get the attention your products rightfully deserve

Many business photos these days are creatively done but unfortunately emphasise the artistry of the photographer more, not what the business client has to offer. At Key Lite Studio by Jay Alonzo, your product is the hero. So you can get more leads and grow your business.

Make customers choose you

No guessing. No experimenting. We have the know-how in real estate, food and product photography, to support your branding and marketing objectives. So you can stand out above your competition, and grow your business.

Photoshoots that we do best

Portfolio Start
1. Meet

Let's meet via Zoom or by face to face; to know your project requirements better, so we can provide the best proposal.

2. Shoot

We set and conduct the photo shoot; then do post production work, to make sure they are perfect before being handed to you.

3. Promote

Get the images via a USB drive or online transfer or both, ready for online use or for flyer, brochure, print ad or web use

How to get the best photos for your marketing

Why we are the best fit

The ultimate purpose of your photo is to help grow your business. That is why in each shot that we take, your brand message and benefits are clearly communicated, in a technically perfect and visually stunning way.

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